Assistance Dog

Partners, Inc.

Also known as GAP Service Dogs, we are a Colorado-based highly effective non-profit 501-c(3) organization founded in 2001 dedicated to enriching the lives of the disabled by partnering them with effective and talented service dogs.

Our mission is to help those with disabilities live more independent and comfortable lives by partnering them with highly skilled service dogs. We believe successful assistance partnerships begin with obedience training, human and canine socialization, as well as exposure to a variety of real-world environments. Public awareness and education are very important to us. We at GAP use our real-world training to educate our clients, dogs and the public.

To serve clients with disabilities, dogs must be skilled in a variety of behaviors. They must be able to perform simple and complex tasks in virtually any environment. Their very high level of proficiency must include the ability to respond promptly and accurately to verbal commands and physical cues. The dog must be able to ignore any distractions, even those that are most intense. By the time our dogs are placed with clients, the dogs have been positively reinforced hundreds of times for each command by several  different people and trainers. All this is done in addition to the dogs and clients being exposed to as many locations as possible.

Since our beginning in 2001, GAP has placed more than 100 service dogs. These teams have been clients requiring individual and family support for mobility impairments, vision problems, hearing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, seizure disorders, diabetes, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders.

In addition, GAP has trained nearly 100 therapy dogs to work in and help the public.

All funding for GAP is provided by donations from both individuals and corporations.