GAP Service dog eye waiting for eye exam


Every year in May, there is a National Service Animal Eye Exam across the country. This is an incredible opportunity that gives service animal teams a chance to get their animal’s eyes checked with special equipment by ophthalmologist free of charge. These facilities and ophthalmologists volunteer their time and services out of the goodness of their hearts.

The AVCO program gives service dogs teams the confidence to know that their four legged helpers have healthy eyes and sight is good. If problems are caught, treatment options are recommended immediately.  This has been imperative in keeping some of the GAP service dogs on the right tract by identifying and treating eye issues before they became problems.

Service dog eye exam

This year GAP more than 10 service dog teams or teams in training participate and we are happy to report that everyone’s visits were pleasant, professional and successful. All the GAP service dog teams checked out without any concerns.

service dog Gaby eye exam 3



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