Adopt a career change dog

Adopt a career change dog

Why adopt?

Occasionally, GAP has to make the difficult decision that a dog is not suitable to become a service dog. When GAP makes the choice to release a dog from the service dog program into a career change, we accept applications to find a new home.

We are diligent to find a near perfect match for the career change dog!  All of our released dogs are neutered, their vaccinations are current, and they have been in training.  Their manners should be better than most. Basically we’ve done all the hard work during the puppy years and you get the benefits.

These amazing dogs will make wonderful family pets or companions.

The adoption fee ranges depending on various factors, and goes directly back into training and raising dogs for the future.

Changing lives, one dog at a time! If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a GAP career change dog, please contact us via; website, email or Facebook.

Available dogs for adoption: