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Are you interested in working with dogs and helping others?

We are always in need of:Volunteer with Seeer

Training volunteers to attend classes and assist in training dogs and puppies.
Training volunteers don’t take pups home with them, but they are very important to our program. Dogs who have the opportunity to work with multiple handlers are well-rounded, more adaptive to changes, and less likely to develop defensive habits around their partners. Training volunteers are also vital to the success of our training classes as it allows our lead trainers time to pay closer attention to those who may need extra help.

Dog sitters help by taking care of our dogs for varying amounts of time. Sometimes dog sitters are needed to take care of our service dogs when the dog’s partner is unable to due to illness or injury. Dog sitters come to class just like our other volunteers and puppy raisers and may be asked to bring the dog to class so the dog can spend time with his or her partner.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us via Facebook or send us a message via the Contact page.

Volunteer Ryan with Ginger